• Christian Liturgy and Social Change

    Rinaldo Ronzani
    Former Senior Lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa
    Visiting Lecturer Tangaza University College, Nairobi - Kenya


    In the past decades, theologians have drawn an interesting link between liturgy and social issues. From being seeing as a stress-free way of escaping from the challenges of life while maintaining the status quo, liturgy is now regarded as a place where the dichotomy between faith and life finds a unifying factor. There is a growing awareness on the social implications a true liturgical celebration conveys. The author concludes that without active commitments, worship is comfortable entertainment, empty ritual, a pretence of worship - in short, negligent diakonia”. This paper was prepared thirteen years ago and presented to a congress in Nairobi. It was never published. It is published today with permission from the author who did not revise it.


    Liturgy, Eucharist, jubilee, symbols, social commitment.